Attention: If you live in the Phoenix area and you are even the slightest bit serious about sculpting a leaner & healthier physique, then you absolutely MUST take advantage of this special offer from your local personal fitness trainerā€¦

For a limited time, we are giving away complimentary fitness jump-start programs to anyone who is sincere about living a leaner and healthier lifestyle. This program is designed to help you shed pounds of unwanted fat, boost your metabolism, increase your lean muscle and ultimately live the energetic life you deserve.

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Here’s What You’ll Get:
Remember, This Is All 100% FREE – There Is Absolutely NO Charge or Obligation

A Complete Fitness & Goal Assessment: Several measurements will be taken to determine your current fitness level, and to determine what steps need to be taken to help you reach your goal.

A Metabolism Makeover: You’ll learn to fully understand your metabolism and learn how to give it a boost. You’ll be surprised at how much information we’re giving away!

My Newest Nutritional CD-ROM: This software disc comes complete with great resources and printable tools. Normally sold as a stand-alone product for $49, you receive it free with your jump-start fitness program.

One Full Personal Training Session: This session is customized specifically for you and your goals. See for yourself what working with a qualified personal trainer is all about!

You’ll Also Learn…

  • How To Burn Pounds Of Unwanted Fat
  • The Real Secrets Of Healthy Eating
  • What Exercise Methods Will Work Best For You
  • How To Sculpt Leaner Muscles
  • Simple Ways To Improve Your Quality Of Life

Skip The Crowds, Distractions, and Sales Pressure!
Get Started With Absolutely No Charge or Obligation Whatsoever!!!

No, this is NOT your typical “trial offer.” You see, I realize that the hardest part of any fitness program is getting started properly and in the right direction. So many people try – and fail – to lose weight, to build muscle, or to sculpt a leaner, stronger physique. They try – and fail – to improve their conditioning and performance.

Because of all the conflicting information and bogus “solutions” out there, they fail. That is why I have put together this personal Fitness Jump-Start Kit – to help you get the results that you deserve.

Other personal trainers are charging well over $200 for similar packages. I am giving you EVERYTHING detailed above with absolutely NO charge, NO Sales Pressure and Absolutely NO Obligation Whatsoever!

Why am I doing this?
Sports and fitness have been positive and influential factors in my life. So influential that I committed myself to learning as much as possible about how the body works, and how to change it for the better. Now, I want to share that knowledge with you!

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Working with a qualified personal fitness trainer has been proven to improve the quality of life at both a physical and emotional level. We offer the fastest, safest and most effective fitness strategies available. Come join a facility where the attention is 100% on YOU and YOUR RESULTS...

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